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Laundromat Signs
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Laundromat Signs

The coin laundry industry has been around for about 70 years here in the US. It has gone through the country’s highs and lows and has survived them so far with over 29,000 laundromats situated all over the country. With the population growth and rental housing expansion, the customer base for laundromats has increased and competition has become stiffer.

Storefront Signage For Your Business

Stiff competition means your laundromat must do more to stand out from the crowd, and this is where laundromat signs by Cincinnati Sign Company comes in to help. When you partner with a trusted local laundromat sign provider, you get business signage that attracts more customers, converts them into purchasing clients, and ultimately boost your bottom line.

We at Cincinnati Sign Company have been in the sign business for a long time so we understand that attractive signs are simply not enough. They have to be designed, selected, fabricated, and installed strategically…and these are effectively done with the right knowledge, technology, and experience like we do.

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Illuminated Signs for your Laundromat

Illuminated Storefront Signage

Laundromats usually have customers coming in throughout the day, which is why many of them are open 24/7. Evenings makes it harder for people to scout for laundromats in the area, so the most practical way to get your coin laundry business noticed is by getting yourself some lighted or illuminated signage. When used as outdoor signage, you’re also getting yourself 24/7 advertising tools!

Illuminated signs by Cincinnati Sign Company come in so many shapes and sizes that you’re sure to be able to choose one that’s perfect for your laundromat. We have channel letters that help make your brand and business visible, as well as giving it a clean and modern look. We have LED signs that are customizable, require practically no maintenance, and are cost-effective.

Large, bold, and eye-catching exterior signage is usually how most laundromats want to go. Pole signs, cabinet signs, and double-sided box signs, for example, are great for attracting attention even from far away. However, if you want to take a more subtle approach, Cincinnati Sign Company also offers lighted blade signs and hanging signs.

Vinyl Informational Signage

Attractive Storefront Vinyl

Your coin laundry business’s indoor signs are just as important as your outdoor ones. You can’t grow your business by just getting people in through your doors, you also need to convert traffic into transactions. And giving them a positive customer experience is one way of doing this. Indoor signs play a huge role in delivering a positive customer experience.

Indoor signs help avoid customer confusion, frustration, and dissatisfaction by addressing concerns and conveying the necessary information. With vinyl signs your establishment, you have an affordable means of posting prices of your services and products, instructions on how to go about doing coin laundry, directions to various areas of your facility, and reminders on what they should or should not do.

If you’re not sure how your vinyl signage should be designed, Cincinnati Sign Company is here to help! We have a strong team of graphic designers who can study your brand and use the appropriate elements to come up with attractive and effective sign designs without going against your brand identity.

Affordable and Durable Temporary Signs

Custom Vinyl Clings

Not all laundromat signs are created to last for years. There are some that you only need for a few days, weeks, months, or for only a season. These temporary signs do the job without breaking the bank. Go practical and use temporary signs by Cincinnati Sign Company.

Cincinnati Sign Company offers a wide variety of temporary signs made with various materials at a price that you can’t resist. From glass and window decals, to floor signs, to vinyl wall signs, to A-frames, to banners, and even to flag signs, Cincinnati Sign Company can give your laundromat temporary signs that make the most impact the entire time you need them to.

Full-Service Sign Company

Full Service Sign Company

Cincinnati Sign Company is an established signs provider that specializes in laundromat signs and we’ve worked with enough coin laundry businesses to know that your goal is to give your clients the most convenience when it comes to getting their laundry done. Well, our goal is to give you the most convenience as well.

Cincinnati Sign Company doesn’t just wait for your designs and print out signs for you. We have an entire team ready to walk through the entire sign-making process with you. Our trained staff goes through planning, design, printing, fabrication, installation, and even maintenance with you. We work closely with you and/or your marketing staff to ensure that we deliver signs in line with your brand identity.

Free Laundromat Signs Consultation

Standing out in such a competitive industry is no easy feat, but by providing you with the right design, sign type, sign materials, and sign placement, Cincinnati Sign Company can give your business the appeal that it needs to catch your target market’s attention.

If you want to know more about how signs can help your laundromat get noticed and deliver great customer experience, drop by our office or give us a call and we can have one of our experienced signage staff have a chat with you.

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