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Channel Letters
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Cleves Channel Letters


Cincinnati Sign Company can help any business have unique and professional-looking signage, such as channel letters. All businesses in every industry can use them and effectively attract a lot of new customers.

Custom Channel Letter Building Sign

Our Cleves channel letters are popular for both outdoor and indoor use. They are versatile, durable, and highly customizable to adapt to any brand image. Cincinnati Sign Company can expertly form them into any shape, size, letter, number, or symbol and give your signage an attractive 3D look.

You don’t have to worry about the budget. We will customize your sign to fit your allotted amount while giving it the best look and function possible. We can also help you with the installation method of your channel letters, either directly on your building or using a raceway for a less time-consuming process.

Regardless of your specific requirements, rest assured that our channel letters will live up to your expectations. Their durability and maximum appeal will benefit your business at a reasonable price!

Call Cincinnati Sign Company today at (513) 822-4171 for your Free Consultation with a Cleves Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Our Cleves channel letters are durable 3D signage elements that are popularly used as storefront signs.

Custom Channel Letter SignThey can be tailored to display a business’s logo and name in any font or color. They can also be tailored to your specific visibility needs. This can be done by adjusting their sizes or adding LED lighting to them.

Another thing that you need to decide on is the installation method of your channel letters. If you want a more appealing result, we recommend directly mounting your channel letters to your building. If, however, you want to save time, using a raceway is the way to go.

Don’t worry if you’re a bit overwhelmed with all your options. Our signage experts can guide you and help you have the best channel letters for your storefront!

Channel letters typically beautify the storefronts of grocery stores, retail stores, shopping centers, malls, office buildings, manufacturing facilities, schools, and other organizations that desire an appealing, professional look.

Dimensional Letters

At first glance, you may mistake dimensional letters for channel letters. These two are almost the same, but in dimensional letters, you won’t find a hollow space inside where lighting can be placed. They’re all solid elements that can be illuminated with LED backlighting, front-lit faces, and using a spotlight.

Storefront SignThey’re practically the same as channel letters except for that characteristic. Dimensional letters can also be customized to have various shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. Depending on the durability and look you’re aiming for, you can choose either of these signage materials: acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, Cor-Ten steel, foam, metal, plastic, and stainless steel.

All the details can be altered based on your budget, location, and personal design preferences. If ever you need help deciding, don’t hesitate to ask our signage experts for advice. We’d love to help you finalize the customization details of your dimensional letters!

Dimensional letters are popularly used in restaurants, offices, shopping malls, and other establishments that want durable and attractive signs for their storefronts, lobbies, and other interior spaces.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Do you need a custom sign that is a notch more attractive than the rest? Illuminated channel letters can be your best option. Aside from having a 3D appearance, you can further improve its appeal by adding LED lighting. As your business visibility gets a boost, you’ll be able to promote your business 24/7.

Lighted SignIncluded in your options are front-lit channel letters, halo-lit channel letters, open-lit channel letters, and front-and-back-lit channel letters. You can use a spotlight or external lighting to illuminate your signage, whichever you prefer.

We use LED lighting to complete your signage with illumination. They are cheaper to maintain and more environment-friendly compared to other illumination options. Whether you need your illuminated channel letters for your storefront or indoors, our Cleves, OH sign company can safely install them to give you the maximum appeal you’re aiming for.

Illuminated channel letters and dimensional letters are ideal for bars, convenience stores, gas stations, theatres, restaurants, coffee shops, and other businesses that want to attract as many people as possible.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Cincinnati Sign Company cincinnati logo 300x71Do you want to outshine your competitors and impress your potential customers? Cincinnati Sign Company can provide you with high-quality Cleves channel and dimensional letters for your marketing needs!

We will customize these 3D signage elements to reinforce your branding efforts and improve the overall appeal of your building. We’ll make them as attractive as possible and craft them out of durable materials without exceeding your budget.

So if you want long-lasting signage that will invite more customers to your establishment every day, work with our signage customization team. We can design, manufacture, and install your signs in the most efficient way that suits your needs.

Call Cincinnati Sign Company today at (513) 822-4171 for your Free Consultation with a Cleves Channel Letter expert!